Pratos do Restaurante Al Quimia


Espaços Restaurante Al Quimia


At Al Quimia Restaurant, you will be at the table with the flavours of nature and a creative cuisine rooted in our origins. Fish and seafood, meat, vegetables, aromatics and spices sourced from local sustainable productions, carefully selected to provide a disruptive dining experience that honours the culinary heritage of the Algarve.


Be prepared for a contemporary approach to Algarve flavours, a sublime journey to the deepest roots of portuguese gastronomy, by the hand of our Al Chemists. From the sea or from the land, the region's best ingredients are turned into flavours from another world, combining tradition and innovation to create new dishes that are a true temptation for the senses.

Costa Algarvia
Espaços Restaurante Al Quimia


At Al Quimia dining room, the atmosphere is permeated by the elegance and sophistication of exquisite materials such as copper and wood. At the back, the wine cellar stands out with a large table dedicated to wine tasting. The view into the open kitchen allows you to witness the spectacle of show-cooking, where each dish comes to life. And all this atmosphere extends to the fabulous terrace, providing truly memorable summer evenings.